Holding a microphone whilst driving is not only dangerous but in many cases it is illegal. An alternative to the press-to-talk “Fist Microphone” is provided with the Sedgewall Vehicle Microphones which provides safe two-way communications while the driver is at the wheel.

A full range of ‘Vehicle Mounted Professional Hands-Free Units’ is available for Fixed Mobiles and Hand Portables. The SafeSpeech HKU range is designed to meet the requirements of Hauliers, Couriers, Taxis, Utilities, Dock and Airport Vehicles, Emergency Service and other Professional users.

The HKU6 unit is designed to allow clear voice transmission with wind and engine noise successfully reduced. It is extremely versatile and in addition to the Emergency Services and Security market it can also be used both in agricultural and commercial vehicles such as taxis and limousines, buses, delivery vans and lorries and even Combine Harvesters.

  • Simple to Install – Fit ‘n’ Forget
  • Microphone acoustically designed for vehicle applications
  • Microphone discretely fits behind rear mirror
  • Timeout feature prevents permanent transmit
  • Control Unit can be hidden from view
  • Compatible with most 2-Way Radios.
  • Approved to Pan-European Standards.
  • Excellent voice performance.
  • Customised options available.
  • Can be used for hand portables.
  • Press To Talk (PTT) can be dash or gear-level mounted.