The TD0500 Handset is manufactured in moulded black plastic with a PTT incorporated within the handle.

It is a robust handset, based on the popular American style telephone, that will accept NATO approved inserts and which has the long pressel bar favoured by police and mobile users. Any connector can be supplied.

The handset can also be weather-proofed and fitted with high temperature cable for use in extreme climates.

There are a number of different inserts for the earpiece and mouthpiece, ranging from standard to waterproof to Mil Spec. Many different models are available, please see the list below for the most popular versions.

TD050000 – Standard handset unterminated, 1m curly cable, 300Ω inserts and PTT.

  • TD050110 – Standard Handset wiring to Home Office Spec c/w 5 Pin DIN Termination.
  • TD0500P0 – As TD050000, but terminated with RJ45 connector.
  • TD0500V0 – As TD050000, but terminated with 7 Pin DIN plug.

Other variants of the handset can be supplied on request.