RunLock allows emergency vehicles to be left with the engine running and with the battery charging without the risk of an unauthorised person driving off in the vehicle.

The driver can remove the ignition keys safely from a vehicle with the engine running so that power can be supplied to radios, warning lights and illumination lights without draining the battery. Run Lock prevents unauthorised driving of the vehicle because if the keys are not re-inserted the engine will cut out on releasing the parking brake or on activation of the footbrake. The vehicle can only be driven after re-inserting the keys.

Run Lock is an excellent safety feature for both 12V and 24V power systems on emergency and commercial vehicles and also for anyone who needs to keep the engine running without risking vehicle theft.

Three separate outputs – one 15A and two 6A – are provided by Run Lock. It is fully encapsulated to protect from water ingress and has CE approval.