The FernTel 3 is as stylish for indoor as it is for outdoor use in areas with hazardous (Zone 2) atmospheres. The new FernTel 3 is the ideal telephone for many different work environments, i.e., high humidity, seawater, dust and extreme mechanical stress. Its modern design is the perfect “packing” for the finest high-tech. Available in striking signal colours, the FernTel 3 cannot be missed whenever a telephone is urgently needed, for example in emergencies with poor lighting and weather conditions. The FernTel 3 is suitable for almost universal use thanks to its amazing transformability. A deft hand movement converts the desk telephone into a wall unit for outdoor and workshop use. The FernTel 3 is available with 16 buttons without display or 21 buttons with display. Both variations are offered with spiral cord or steel armoured cord. In addition, the FernTel 3 also functions as a hotline phone (ZB-Variant), with call tone unit. Inside the casing is a keyboard for encoding the hotline number. A stablizer is also available as optional accessory for applications in moving vehicles like trains and ships.