The Sedgewall HE180 Earth Reel Assembly has been supplied to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). It stows an earthing cable on a vehicle in a rugged reel assembly for fast and efficient deployment.

Design and Construction:

  • Heavy Duty steel spun cable compartment
  • Powder coated poppy red
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • High quality, constant tension spring
  • Sturdy bracket mounted to vehicle
  • Reel designed to -40’C

Supplied with a safety stopcatch mechanism to prevent over winding or back winding, giving increased spring life

Totally sealed spring & stopcatch preventing ingress of road dirt and water

Fitted with ‘SLOBACK’ cable control to ensure controlled recovery speed of cable to give maximum safety to the operator and virtually eliminates the risk of damage to reel and spring caused by uncontrolled reeling.

Please note that the HE180 Earth Reel Assembly is supplied without any cable fitted.

The NATO Stock Number for the HE180 is 5975-99-846-6203.